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EX EOT Crane
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Technical Data

Hoist Inspection Table

Typical Example of Hoist Inspection Table

  Safety equipment A B C
1 Brake  
2 Hoist limit switch  
3 EMERGENCY OFF, crane switch  
4 Overload Cut-off  
5 Disconnecting switch and main isolator  
6 PE connections and potential compensation  
7 Operating hours counter    
  Mechanical Components A B C
8 Load hook (cracks, cold deformation, wear)    
9 Rope and rope anchorage  
10 Rope Guide    
11 Limit switch bar  
12 Drive Parts (Gearing, Wheel Flanges, etc.)    
13 Bolt Connections, Welds    
14 End Stops, Buffers  
15 Oil Level (Hoist Gearbox)    
Electrical Components A B C
16 Power Supply Cable  
17 Cable Glands  
18 Connection of Flameproof Panel Box, Corrosion    
19 Switching Functions  
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