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SP Low Temp Ultra Low Headroom Manual Monorail Hoist

Technical Data

Crane Inspection Table

Typical Example of Crane Inspection Table

  Safety equipment A B C
1 Brake - Cross Travel  
2 Brake - Long Travel  
3 EMERGENCY STOP - Pendent Positions  
4 EMERGENCY STOP - Buttons on Radio Transmitters  
5 Disconnecting switch and main isolator  
6 Travel Limit Switches - Cross Travel  
7 Travel Limit Switches - Long Travel  
8 Audible and Visual Alarm  
  Mechanical Components A B C
9 Limit Switch Operation  
10 Drive Parts (Gearing, Wheel Flanges, etc... )  
11 Bolt Connections, Welds  
12 End Stops, Buffers  
13 Oil Level - Cross Travel Gearbox    
14 Oil Level - Long Travel Gearbox    
15 Travel Pinions / Travel Rack  
  Electrical Components A B C
16 Power Supply Cable - Cross Crane and Downshop  
17 Cable Glands  
18 Control Panel Box, Corrosion    
19 Switching Functions  
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