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Key Guide
  • EX = Explosion Proof
  • SR = Spark Resistant
  • NS = Non-Sparking

Spark Resistant Manual Cranes

  • Spark Resistant Manual Crane
  • Spark Resistant Manual Crane
  • Spark Resistant Manual Crane

J.Barnsley spark resistant manual cranes are suitable for use in Zones 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas worldwide.


Standard types under slung top running Capacity Spans to
Single Girder   x 0.5-10t 15m
Double Girder   x 0.5-20t 15m
Single Girder x   0.5-10t 15m




Our spark resistant manual cranes are designed and manufactured in accordance with the following standards;



Spark resistant manual crane safety features at a glance

Spark Resistant Top


The proprietary series built, manually operated chain hoist unit would be selected from our extensive range of hoist units which have a world wide reputation for reliability, modern design, safety and the very latest manufacturing techniques.
The modular hoist design forms a very efficient, compact & visually aesthetic hoist unit.

The bottom hook block is of the safety type, having fully guarded deep grooved sheaves, running in sealed ball bearings. The hook is a forged steel single point "C" Type, mounted on a ball thrust race and fitted with a spring return safety catch.
Prior to packing & protected for transportation, the crane would be assembled in our workshops & fully inspected & tested, according to our standard testing procedure, which would include full dimensional and functional tests of all hoist operations.


Please note that all our spark resistant manual cranes are also available in standard execution for non-hazardous areas.